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Product Name: Cili Giling Maz

Weight: 700gm

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CILI GILING MAZ is made from a combination of quality dried chilies to produce grinded chilies that suit the tastes of Malaysians.

CILI GILING MAZ products are available in 4 types of sizes suitable to use by all types of consumers from small family sizes up to 150gm, 350gm, 700gm and 1.3kg.

How to use MAZ CILI GILING is very simple, it suitable for all types of cooking that require specialties such as sambal, Masak Merah, Asam Pedas and etc. which is by mixing grinded chili with other cooking ingredients.

The expiration date of this product is more than 8 months.

Ingredients: Dried Chili, Water, Salt, Contains Permitted Food Conditioner and Preservative.

Delivery time depends on the distance about 1-3 days.

Weight 0.8 kg


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